Friday, 8 March 2013

Generating even more exposure for your books

It's just a short article today. Well, actually it's hardly an article, it's more of a recommendation. As I've probably mentioned before, estate agents (realtors) say the three most important things about getting the best price for a house is 1) Location 2) Location 3) Location. As authors we have a similar triad, and those three keywords are 1) Exposure 2) Exposure 3) Exposure. The more people see details, reviews, recommendations, covers, you name it, about your book, the more they are likely to buy it. So get yourself interviewed, featured, and blogged about on as many websites as possible. As I mentioned in the previous article - back links to your page improve Goggle PageRank, which in turn makes your page more important for search engines. This too will increase exposure. So this week I recommend you get yourself on the Author Database, or AUTHORSdB to give it its official title. Just click on the link to go straight to the site, and register today. Oh yes, I almost forgot . . . it's FREE!! And on the subject of FREE, I've also placed details of other platforms on my author website, which will promote your book absolutely free of charge.

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