Tuesday 26 March 2013

How to monitor hashtags and interactions

Have you ever wondered if specific tweeps on Twitter are interacting with you in terms of retweets etc? Perhaps you are part of a group which has been set up to support one another. Often in these cases there will be some very supportive members, and then there's those who are looking for support, but are not so inclined to reciprocate. To weed out the less supportive ones is not that easy just using Twitter itself. However there is a tool, which I've been using, which does just that. You simply enter a Twitter handle, and within moments it shows you the tweets that particular account has sent out which include your Twitter handle. You can elect for the results to either include, or exclude, retweets.

That tool is hashTag Monitor

hashTag Monitor has other useful functions. It allows presetting and saving of certain scenarios. For example, you may have hooked up with a number of people who share a particular interest, say Formula One. Rather than seeing every Twitter user who uses the hash-tag “#F1”, you can select to see just the tweets of a select few who tweet about F1 using that particular hash-tag. There are many uses for hashTag Monitor, and at a level, the biggest limit will be how creative you want to be with it. 

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